4 Challenges of Using Mobile Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

The challenges you should consider before placing your next local mobile campaign.

Usage of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, continues to grow, and many advertisers are struggling to find a way to include the tactic in the mix.  Some try to re-purpose their online strategy, but mobile brings its own set of marketing challenges. Read more

4 Tips for Evaluating Local Media Advertising Packages

How to determine if a proposal is worth the investment and should be included in the local media mix.

Marketing directors and media buyers are constantly bombarded with advertising packages from local media vendors.  It can be difficult to determine the value of the entire package, since most will include a variety of elements, not just the tactics you want. Read more

3 Keys to Using Sweepstakes or Giveaways in Your New Store Opening

Giving your customers a chance to win free stuff can build a lot of foot traffic, just make sure you’re doing it legally.

It’s hard to find anything that will motivate a consumer more than the opportunity to win something.  Games of chance are big business in America.  At one point, all but six states offered some sort of lottery.  Even today, cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City owe a significant part of their existence to gaming.
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2 Ways to Include Online Display in Your Local Media Campaign

When to purchase online inventory directly from a publisher and when to include an ad network.

Internet usage continues to grow and according to recent media usage reports, Internet is the second most used medium, behind Television for Persons 18+.  So, it comes as no surprise that online display advertising is an important part of the local media mix. Read more

3 Benefits of Using Traffic Sponsorships to Drive Awareness of Your New Store

Sponsoring morning or afternoon traffic updates on local radio stations can be a great way to reinforce your grand opening message.

If you have ever listened to radio on your way to or from work, you’re already aware of the benefits of traffic updates.  In metro areas and even large towns, stations have added traffic to their morning and afternoon programming as a “public service” to their listeners.
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