How to Create an Effective Outdoor Campaign for Your New Store

With the right design and strategy, out-of-home advertising can be an effective tactic to drive traffic to your new store.

First of all, try to find an outdoor board that is located near your new store.  Preferably on the same street, so you can use the board to direct traffic to your address.  Better yet, see if there’s a board that is right across from, or next to your new store. Read more

Benefits of Using a Long-Term Sports Contract for A Local Media Buy

Choosing to pursue a long-term sports contract will allow you to add focus, consistency and long-term savings to your local media buy.

Advertisers are often hesitant to commit to a multi-year or long-term sports contract, as it locks up a large amount of capital and cannot be cancelled without the consequence of steep penalties. There are also no guarantees a baseball team will continue to win or a highly touted player will remain popular for an extended amount of time. Read more

5 Key Guidelines to Establish With Your Local Media Partners

The local media buying process will run smoother if you explain your guidelines and expectations up front.

Before your start on rate negotiations and finalizing your schedule, make sure to establish your expectations with your local media partners, especially if you are a new advertiser in the market.   As with most things in business, clear communication is critical in order to avoid any surprises or problems when your campaign goes live. Read more

3 Ways to Use Ratings Data in Your Local Media Campaign

Ratings play a critical role in determining the best television or radio schedule for your local media campaigns.

Without a basic understanding of how ratings are measured or why ratings delivery matters, it is difficult to know if the station proposal is a good investment or a waste of valuable local media dollars. Read more

How to Choose the Right Local Media Endorsement

Having a well-known on-air talent or local celebrity endorse your product or store can add credibility and an established audience.

This credibility and established audience comes at a cost. In choosing to go the route of an endorsement, you have prepared for the fact that you will incur talent fees and most likely pay a premium, on top of base spot costs. Read more