How Can Your New Store Benefit From the Psychology of Color?

Motivate interest and action at your new store’s grand opening by using colors correctly.

Color.  It has the power to motivate behavior.  That includes purchasing behavior.  No surprise, really.  Sight, after all, is the strongest developed sense in most human beings. It’s only natural color would be a major motivator in selecting everything we choose – especially if it’s a first-time purchase.

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Offset vs. Digital Printing: Which is Best for Your New Store?

Knowing the differences between these two printing methods and the proper application of each will help you make the best printing decisions for your new store.

If you’ve been around for a while and had previous experience having things printed, you’re probably most familiar with standard offset printing.  While this printing method has been around forever and historically thought of as far superior, digital printing continues to rapidly make advances that rival traditional offset and make it a much more difficult choice.  Here are three basic reasons to consider each when printing needs arise for your new store.

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How Market Differences Affect Your Local Media Campaign

If you are a retailer with multiple locations across multiple markets, you may need to do some market research before finalizing your local media plans.

You might think that because two markets are similar in size and population that the same marketing plan will work for both markets.  Even in markets that are geographically close to each other, you may find you need to tailor your plans to the specific nuances of each market.  Simply making “cookie cutter” plans across multiple markets may not be the best use of your marketing dollars. Read more

7 Tips for Producing a Quality Online Video for Your New Store

Even if your grand opening budget doesn’t allow for television, your new store can still have a quality video presence by sharing your video online.

Of course, “quality” is about more than production value, the content needs to be quality, too.  I feel strongly that in order for your new store’s video(s) to be effective, it/they should be informative, sincere and fun.

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Boost Digital Media Impact Through Traditional Local Media

Since media usage is more fragmented than ever before, it’s imperative for traditional and digital tactics to work together to maximize reach.

Recently I attended a TVB media seminar in which the primary presenter said, “anyone can swing a media bat and hit one or two intended targets.” This is true, which is why it’s important to choose the medium and media mix that best reflects who your customer is and how they interact with media, as opposed to guessing or trying to be everywhere. While you won’t hit a homerun every time, you at least want to consistently get on base and put yourself in position to score. Read more

8 Insights to Help You Market Your New Store to Millennials

Take the time to understand the wants, needs and mindset of the next generation of savvy shoppers.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon of writing about the Millennial generation.  But, after seeing countless stories and essays in print, online and on television in recent weeks – I finally decided it was inevitable.  So, I thought I would pass along some of the facts as I know them, and share my thoughts about how understanding this extremely important demographic can and should start affecting your grand opening strategies. Read more

7 Tips to Maximize Your New Store’s Printing Budget

When printing some necessary basic items for your new store, a little production knowledge can save you some significant money in the long run.

Some basic printing needs are always necessary when you start any new venture.  I’m sure you’ve identified a business suite (letterhead, business cards and #10 envelopes) as standard items you’ll need.  Here are some valuable tips on how to get the most for your money when printing these basics and getting even more money-saving mileage out of your press time. Read more

A Grand Opening Tactic for the Cost Conscious New Store

How to increase traffic to your new store without breaking the bank.

First of all, you’re starting from scratch as a brand – no one knows who you are.  Second, you’re advertising budget is always going to be less than you need.  Third, you have no database of potential customers to contact.  What’s a “store-to-be” supposed to do?

Here’s an idea.  Why not find an established brand in the community and get them to sponsor your grand opening? 

Crazy?  Not at all.  Especially, if that brand complements your brand in some way.

For instance, a chain of shoe stores sponsors the grand opening of a store that sells only socks.  They aren’t direct competitors and there could be considerable crossover among their buyers.   It’s a win, win: The new socks store gets access to the shoe store’s customer database and the socks store’s brand has instant credibility because of its relationship with the shoe store.  And their grand opening costs them half of what they would have paid if they’d done it themselves.

So what’s in it for the shoe store?  A lot.  The shoe store gets to be all over the media because it’s at the forefront of something new happening in the market – that’s huge. And both stores can benefit from cross couponing.

Still not sure?  Check this out.  Recently, in Omaha, Nebraska LaMar’s Donuts and Dunn Bros. Coffee teamed up to celebrate their grand opening.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to co-brand with LaMar’s,”  said Chris Eilers, CEO of Dunn Bros Coffee. “Given that we both have established our brands on quality we anticipate that this partnership will be very successful. The only combination better than coffee and donuts is really great coffee and donuts.”

Obviously, the LaMar’s and Dunn Bros pairing is a little different than the one I gave previously.  Theirs is more than a grand opening / cross promoting opportunity – these two businesses are actually running their operations in the same space – but the idea is similar.

The point is…don’t limit yourself in your thinking when it comes to your new store’s grand opening.  There’s always a way to get the attention you need, without going broke to get it. Teamwork is one of them.

photo credit: Janellie via photopin cc

How to Create an Effective Email Invitation for Your New Store Opening

With the right execution, email can be the most cost effective way to draw customers to your new store opening.

Take a look at how you receive e-mail in your inbox.  The first thing you see is the name of the sender – if the name isn’t instantly recognizable, your eye goes to the subject line for more information.   At this point, based on what the subject line says, you decide to open, or punt.

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