3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Local Media Added Value Schedules

While most local advertisers are aware that they should request “added value” from all their media partners, implementing this requirement effectively is often a rarity or afterthought.

Securing high-quality “extras” can be a challenge when your media partners see Added Value as penance.  But utilizing a few key guidelines will help you maximize added value offerings and truly put the “value” back in Added Value. Read more

How to Write a Headline for Your New Store’s Signage

Getting better at wordplay can help your new store’s signage get noticed and improve consumer recall.

If you have the smarts to open a new store, you can probably teach yourself to turn a phrase and make some of your own in-store POP materials. Sometimes all it takes to create clever signage is a simple rhyme. Read more

25 Egregious Grammar Errors in New Store Marketing

Avoiding embarrassing mistakes in your new store’s communications is a matter of taking the time to say it right the first time.

I recently wrote an article about the unintentional errors that seem to find their way into the headlines of retail store signage on a far too regular basis.  But, sadly, store marquees and point of purchase displays are only the tip of the marketing faux pas iceberg.  In addition to old school mediums such as print ads, brochures and direct mail, we now have all kinds of digital venues to show off our poor grammar skills – Facebook, email, digital coupons, social media and more. Read more

8 Tips to Develop Franchise Marketing Materials to Attract New Stores

The offering of great marketing materials will make your franchise concept stand out to new prospects in a very visible way.

One aspect of the potential new franchisee’s buying decision that some franchisors are too quick to downplay is the role of new store marketing support. Outstanding marketing support can make your franchise concept rise above your competition in a very visible and value-added way. Read more

3 Tips to Help Plan Your Next Hispanic Local Media Campaign

It’s important to understand the Hispanic demographic and their local media preferences prior to creating your next campaign.

A recent Nielsen report highlighted the tremendous economic impact of Hispanic consumers in the US. Currently there are 52 million Hispanic people in the U.S. population, and they represent a hefty $1.2 trillion in buying power. Marketers are increasingly devoting more of their ad dollars to reach this group. According to eMarketer, Hispanic ad spending on mass media increased 11.1% last year as marketers spent over $8 billion to reach this growing market. Read more

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Loyalty Program for Your New Store

New research shows that a few small changes can increase the effectiveness of your new store’s customer loyalty program.

Customer loyalty programs can either be a boon to business or a burden. When done well, they can keep customers coming back for repeat purchases, potentially turning a passerby customer into a loyal brand advocate. 
 However, when done wrong, they can be a huge waste of time and resources for you and a pain for your customers. Read more

5 Operational Mistakes to Avoid for Your New Store’s Grand Opening

The ability to anticipate potential operational problems and knowing how to side-step them is an important aspect of a successful new store grand opening.

A new store grand opening is overwhelming.  There are so many small aspects of preparation; it’s easy to overlook important factors that will contribute to a successful opening. Take a deep breath, step back and continue to focus on the big picture. Read more

6 Ways Adjust Your Local Media Plan When You Have New Competition

Take a strategic approach to any local media adjustments when faced with new competition.

Your business is sailing along.  Your sales are good and your customers know who you are and why they shop with you. You have established a good reputation and have figured out what drives your customers to your store. Things are good until you are driving around your neighborhood and  spot a “coming soon” sign on a vacant building. Read more

How to Choose the Music for Your New Store’s TV or Radio Commercial

Choosing the right music for your new store’s commercial will help make your grand opening message resonate more with your target audience.

If you’re going to advertise your upcoming grand opening on radio and television you need some great music to go with the announcer part – or as we say in the industry a great music “bed” to go under the announcer “read.” 

Nothing can handicap a good spot like bad music.  The fact is good music sells hard and really good music sells harder.  So how do you pick the right track for your commercial?
Read more