6 Lessons About New Store Marketing I Learned at Comic-Con

My son’s first sci-fi convention taught us more than we ever wanted to know about spandex; but, it also illustrated the principles of great marketing.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of science fiction. From Star Trek to Star Wars – and everything in between – I love and admire the genre.  So, I was extremely excited when my teenage son expressed his desire for the two of us to attend a large Comic Con fan convention.

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4 Steps to Creating the Right Marketing Voice for Your New Store

Take the necessary time to establish your new store’s foundation to marketing success.

One of the most important steps you will take in launching, as well as sustaining the ongoing success of your new store is developing the right marketing voice.  The voice you project should speak directly and as succinctly as possible to anyone you target as important to the success of your business.  The following are four steps to help you find the voice that uniquely defines your new store.

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Ideas for a Halloween Grand Opening Event for Your New Store

Even if your new store isn’t related to the fall holiday, there are ways to use Halloween to drive traffic and turn your grand opening into an event.

Consider this: a soft opening for your new store a week before Halloween and a grand opening on Halloween.  Why?   Because of the nature of the holiday of Halloween … it’s non-denominational, so you won’t be excluding any groups.   It’s fun because people wear costumes. Halloween is the first holiday of the season, so you’ll have the majority of those shopping days still left ahead of you. Read more

3 Critical Factors in Negotiating a Lease for Your New Store

Negotiating a lease in an optimal location at a fair rate can be a big factor in the success of your new store.

As a new store owner, it’s easy to overlook some of the key factors in negotiating your lease. Leasing agents will do everything possible to get you to sign, but won’t necessarily be forthcoming with the many possibilities and perks that can be negotiated. It’s up to you to get the best deal you can, and not sign until you do. Read more