How to Create Daily Specials to Drive Traffic to Your New Store

Using radio to promote your daily grand opening specials can help you save on production costs while generating the awareness necessary to drive traffic.

Product specials and promotions are an important part of any grand opening “celebration.”  You need to give the consumer a reason to stop by your new store and try to your products.  Discounts and giveaways are usually strong motivators. Read more

Is Internet Radio a Good Fit For Your New Store’s Media Campaign?

As the online music audience continues to grow, you may want to consider including the following tactic to market your new store’s grand opening.

According to a 2013 study by Arbitron and Edison Research, 45% of Americans or 120 million people listened to online radio in the last month.  This is up significantly from 15% in 2005. But, it is important to note that online radio, in most cases, is not taking the place of traditional radio listening.
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4 Guidelines for Your New Store’s Customer Bounceback Program

A smart incentive strategy can be your ticket to getting a second date with first-time shoppers.

Despite the growing number of choices in its proverbial toolbox, the goal of retail marketing is to help establish a meaningful connection between your brand (or store) and your (potential) customer – with the ultimate goal of making a sale.  And, then doing it all again and again.  If there were universal instructions for successful advertisers, it would be to connect, sell and repeat. Read more

3 Tips to Make Your New Store’s Marketing Message Resonate with Women

Women control 85% of all purchasing decisions and 93% food-related purchases, so don’t neglect them when marketing your new store.

Although I grew up in the Midwest, the social courtesies ingrained in me seem to be firmly rooted in the South.  My father taught me things like the importance of standing up at a table when a guest arrives or holding a door open for a member of the opposite sex.

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5 Ideas for Making Your New Store Opening a Must-See Event

With a lot of planning and a reasonable budget, you can make your next grand opening one for the record books.

One of my first clients was a classic retail marketer.  He was the consummate showman who found ways to make every store opening or remodel a true event.  And, he designed his advertising and marketing programs around a simple, motivational mantra – “Go big, or go home!”
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