5 Tips to Reach Millennials with Your New Store’s Message

In order for your new store’s message to effectively reach Millennials, you must understand the unique media habits of this important demographic.

The group of people referred to as Generation-Y or “Millennials” are an important group of people to marketers.  An estimated 80 million strong, this group born between 1982 and 1993 are the first generation that has grown up with the Internet.  These people have always been connected to technology and have embraced it in their everyday lives. Read more

5 Criteria for Selecting Technology for Your New Store

Asking yourself some simple cost/benefit questions can help determine which new technology is right for you and your customers.

Although they don’t tend to think of themselves like this, today’s consumers are more tech-savvy than ever. That’s due in large part to the fact that technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. And, because technological “advancements” have had such a major impact upon how we live and interact with one another, we’re happily rolling with it. In fact, we take a lot of it for granted. Read more

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Talent to Represent Your New Store

Choosing the right talent to represent your new store within your marketing materials is an important decision that deserves some serious consideration.

I’ve written a few more pointed posts involving testimonials, whether you should star in your own commercials and even the tone to take, but in this post, I deal specifically with choosing the right talent to represent your new store in your marketing efforts. Read more

5 Stunt Ideas to Kick Off Your New Store’s Grand Opening

Getting free publicity for your new store using stunts can be worth their weight in advertising.

Think how the world stopped to watch when that guy, that crazy guy walked between the twin towers in downtown Manhattan, NY on a wire.  Am I suggesting you try this at your grand opening?  No.  But it wouldn’t hurt to hire someone else to do it. Read more

4 Ways Your New Store Can Create the Best Customer Shopping Experience

The success of your new store could depend on your ability to create an in-store shopping experience that cannot be replicated by online retailers.

Recently, Amazon.com ran a promotion that made small business retailers across North America absolutely crazy. The online retailer provided consumers with up to $15 in credit if they competitively price-checked via its mobile app while in retail stores. Read more

4 Criteria for Choosing Your New Store’s Brand or Media Monitoring Service

With so many choices, choosing the right resource to monitor your media coverage or brand mentions is a matter of focusing on the fundamentals.

Today it’s nearly impossible to bury your head in the sand about what people are saying about you and your brand.  Hollywood stars often contend that they don’t pay any attention to what critics think about their latest project.  But, with so many outlets for sharing your opinion with the world, I suspect that’s a lot easier said than done.

Read more