A Mix of Media Tactics Can Help Promote Your New Store Opening

Before finalizing the media strategy to launch your new store, consider media usage trends showing heavy users of one medium also consume other media types.

It is usually recommend that you don’t put all your “eggs” in one proverbial basket, or in this case, local media tactic.  A recent study from Arbitron and Edison Research further proves this point. Read more

The Music Played in Your New Store Can Impact How Your Customers Shop

Make sure the music played at your new store opening sends the right message to your customers.

Ever notice how certain stores in the mall will blare their music out into the common area. According to James Kellaris, they’re sending a signal to the majority of shoppers that says, “Don’t bother to come in here; we’re not selling to you.”
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How Digital Media Can Help Your New Store Reach Busy Moms

Women with children in the home tend to be the decision makers for household purchases and could be an important demographic for your new store.

Busy moms lead the way when it comes to considering mobile and online resources as essential steps in the decision to purchase a product or service. This group is increasingly difficult to reach through traditional advertising, as they are rarely settled in one place long enough to hear or see your new store’s message. Read more

4 Ways to Keep Your New Store Competitive in a Digital World

Technology continues to change the way consumers find products, but these strategies can help keep your new store relevant.

While overall retail sales in the US grew at an annual average of just 3 percent between 2006 and 2011, digital influence in store sales grew at an average of 13 percent.  Many storeowners have greeted this news with a sort of “end-is-near” panic. Read more