6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opening a New Store

Before you open a new store, make sure you have the thing you need most to succeed: the right attitude.

Becoming an entrepreneur, i.e. starting, and running, a new store is no cakewalk.  The waters can be rough and you have to have the chutzpah to ride the waves and stay afloat.  If you think you’re ready to charter your own course, ask yourself these six questions – before you quit your day job. Read more

5 Ways to Create an Effective Message For Your New Store Opening

These marketing best practices will help you effectively communicate your brand and grand opening events to drive traffic to your new store opening.

As I mentioned before, “build it and they will come” is not a realistic marketing strategy.  Before your big grand opening day, consider the following recommendations to craft the right message and offers to make your new store opening a success. Read more

3 Ways to Select a Radio Station for Your New Store Opening

Advertising on the right stations is the key to an effective new store’s grand opening schedule.

At first, it may seem like a daunting task to choose where you should invest the media budget for your new store.  At face value, may stations can look the same.  Not every station is the right fit for every business. Read more

In-Store Customer Tracking: Is It Right for Your New Store?

What can tracking your customers shopping habits at your new store opening tell you?

The answer is…a ton.   Get the right equipment, and you’ll be able to know exactly what each shopper did at your grand opening event: where they stood, for how long, where they went first, second, etc… Read more

5 Key Guidelines to Plan Your New Store Opening Event

These guiding principles will put you and your team in the proper mindset for developing a plan for introducing your new store to the world.

These five key tips will help you begin to develop your grand opening strategies armed with a sense of perspective and purpose.

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How Multi-Tasking Behavior Can Affect Your New Store’s Media Campaign

The best way your new store’s message can reach multi-tasking consumers is through a multi-layered local media approach.

Consumers no longer just sit and watch television or play video games. They are also multi-tasking simultaneously with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles. They are looking for information, communicating with others and enjoying alternative entertainment all at the same time.

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4 Reasons to Consider QR Codes for Your New Store Opening

Are QR codes a thing of the past or should your new store use them for your grand opening?

You’ve been hearing about the death of the mall for years.  And while it’s true that 300 hundred malls have closed in this country since 2000, 45,000 still remain.  That’s hardly a death – more like losing a big toenail. Read more