Your New Store’s TV Should Be a Blend of Branding and Call-to-Action

Before developing a television commercial for your new store’s grand opening consider how many of your precious seconds should be dedicated to your brand and a strong call-to-action.

There’s a reason advertising agencies refer to TV and radio scripts as “creative.”  There is a level of entertainment value, cleverness, coolness or unexpectedness that is expected by the viewer or listener. Read more

7 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your New Store’s Charitable Efforts

Committing the time, talents and/or finances to a charity is only the beginning if you want to maximize the benefit to your new store as well as your favorite cause.

Tying in with your favorite charity is not only a great way to potentially get the word out about your new store, it carries the additional benefit of your new store immediately being seen as a good corporate citizen within your community.  Read more

5 Insights to Improve Your New Store’s Email Marketing Strategy

If you’re using email to promote your next grand opening, make sure you’re doing all you can to stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

In an earlier post, I shared some general ideas generated by email powerhouse MailChimp for crafting a better email message.  But, I recently came across a new report that grabbed my attention because it answers many of the burning questions my clients are often asking me about email marketing. Read more

How to Use Your New Store’s Website to Support Your Grand Opening

Your website has to have it right before you advertise your grand opening.

If your advertising and marketing efforts are working correctly, a customer’s first impression of your new store will probably be from your website. That’s why I advise you to get the messaging right on your website before you gear up for a grand opening. Read more

High-tech Gadgetry vs. Low-Tech Innovations for Your New Store

How other new stores are dramatizing their products to differentiate themselves.

Have you noticed?  Technology seems to be taking over sporting goods stores.   It’s happening all over the world too – not just here.  The mega sporting goods chains in the US, Britain, Canada, Germany and China are becoming more and more about the experience of sports – some would say. It has also been said that the stores, “are turning into little amusement parks.” Read more

6 Tips for Creating Call-to-Action Broadcast Ads for Your New Store

A well-executed item/price commercial can make all the difference in your new store grand opening strategy, as long as you stay true to your brand.

Supermarkets do it.  Fast food chains, furniture stores and mattress retailers do it, too.  And, even local auto dealers do it – but sometimes with unintentionally amusing (but often memorable) results.  The hallowed item/price commercial.  Read more

5 Tips to Help Select a Voiceover Talent to Represent Your New Store

Choosing the right voice talent for your new store can be a much more complex decision than you ever imagined.

As a creative in the advertising business for 30+ years, most of you probably assume one of my more enjoyable tasks would be choosing talent.  Done right, it’s actually a much less glamorous, very time-consuming and much more stressful task than is often depicted in mainstream media. Read more