Hiring Top Talent Should be Top Priority for Your New Store

When it comes to starting your new store, your best investment may very well be the thing you may not be putting adequate stock in. Find out what initial task should top your list.

Your new store may be beautifully appointed down to the baseboard and full of eye-catching, personalized giveaways, but if you have neglected or put little effort into securing your biggest asset, you may risk losing it all. Read more

The Four F’s of Planning Your Store’s Next Grand Opening

Maximize the drawing power of your next new store opening by incorporating these key elements.

I’m a big fan of mnemonic devices.  When I was in college, I had friends in medical school who wouldn’t be doctors today if they hadn’t made good use of these recall techniques to remember parts of the human body, evolutionary behaviors and more.

Read more

3 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of SEM Keywords for Your New Store

Invest the time and energy upfront to develop the best keyword list for a search engine marketing campaign to promote your new store opening.

According to the IAB, in 2013 advertisers spent 18.4 billion up from 16.9 billion in 2012.  The growth is fueled by an increase in small to mid-size businesses along with the improved targeting options available. Read more

Location is Almost Everything: 5 Tips for Your New Store Location

When it comes to retail success, location is a huge part of your new store’s value equation.  Find out how to keep your business from location suicide.

“Location, location, location.”  “Location is everything.”

Those phrases have been taunting new store owners and planners for years, but we recently shot a hole in the completeness of this theory, when Scott focused on the true key to retail success; trust. Read more

6 Digital Targeting Options to Promote Your New Store Opening

Including some strategic targeting options can help your new store’s digital campaign deliver higher results and increase your ROI.

There are several levels of targeting available for a digital campaign.  Technology differs between vendors, so not all targeting options are always available, especially when purchasing inventory directly from the publisher. Read more

2 Ways Your New Store Can Combat the Competition

Tips your new store can learn from the McDonald’s/Taco Bell breakfast war.

I don’t have to know what your new store will be selling to predict you will have a rival for your customer base.  A McDonald’s to your Taco Bell.  Or vice versa.  How will you handle that? Read more

8 Ways to Build Consumer Trust for Your New Store

Despite the age-old contention that retail success is all about location, location, location – a new study reveals it’s really about trust.

What’s the key to a truly successful, long-term relationship? Apparently, the “piano man” himself, Billy Joel, got it right way back in 1986. It’s a matter of trust! Read more

3 Ways to Tailor Your New Store’s Advertising to Speak to Millennials

Are Millennials really that different? Ways to gear your new store’s advertising campaign to reach the “connected” generation.

With “Millennials” or “Generation Y” representing 80 million potential consumers, marketers are scrambling for the latest research to help them understand this fickle, narcissistic and socially conscious group. But, are Millennials really all that different from generations born earlier? And, if so, how can marketers offer authentic value to this time-constrained, media-bred culture? Read more