Use Your Location to Name and Market Your New Store

Find what’s unique about your area and use it in your name and marketing.

I can’t seem to talk about new stores and grand openings without talking about location.  The two seem inseparable to me. Of course, your ideal location would be at a busy intersection with a nice big parking lot and a competitive store very close by.

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Invite This Mob to Your New Store Grand Opening

Invite a flash mob and unlock a whole new arena of ingenious guerilla marketing ideas and get people talking about your new store.

When making your new store grand opening invites, you probably won’t include the mob. But, if you’re a strategic marketer with a keen sense of how to create a buzz for your new store, the mob may be tops on your list, the flash mob, that is.

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What Your New Store Can Learn about Digital Couponing

Go paperless with digital coupons and impress your new store’s customers.

More and more retailers are making the move to digital couponing.  Of course, these retailers are of the larger sort, the kind that offers a wide selection of products, think grocery stores, sporting goods stores, health stores and beauty stores.  Read more

3 Ways The Digital Path to Purchase Affects Your New Store

One of the top challenges facing retailers today is understanding how consumers are using mobile as part of their shopping experience.

Beyond question, the rapid adoption of “smart mobile” technologies by consumers worldwide has triggered a fundamental change in how people shop and how retailers sell.

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Focus Your New Store Advertising on Your Product, Not Yourself

New store grand opening commercials are more successful when they feature the “What,” not the “Who.”

Many retailers make the mistake of thinking if they just get in front of the camera and talk about their new store, every one will see how sincere they are – and by association, how trustworthy – and will flock to their grand opening. Read more

How to Ensure Your New Store Grand Opening Isn’t a Flop

Failure to make the “proper introduction” could lead your business straight into obscurity. Find out how to avoid this mishap for your new store.

It’s been said that your new store’s grand opening is like your welcome mat to the community in which you serve.  So, in order to properly introduce your business to the people that will hopefully frequent it, you better plan on a knockout first impression. Read more

8 Often Overlooked Details for Your New Store’s Grand Opening

Here’s a checklist of some of the things that you should always keep in mind when planning the opening of your new store.

I have a friend who was talking to me the other day about how they have adopted a new philosophy that has totally changed her outlook on life.  Her secret to reducing stress is she no longer “sweats the small stuff” so much. I smiled and sincerely congratulated her for finding a way to live a happier, freer existence.

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8 Reasons to Use Outdoor for Your New Store Grand Opening

As marketing budgets are reallocated to allow for greater spending on digital advertising, don’t underestimate the value that out-of-home can deliver.

I’ve written a lot about how a marketer’s toolbox has expanded in recent years.  But, with so much time and attention being given these days to understanding the new options in digital and social marketing, I see a lot less discussion about some of the “legacy” media.  But, despite what you may have read, not all traditional options are on the decline. Read more

Start Your New Store Opening Budget With a Plan to Succeed

Find out how to host an event to launch your new store that stays within your budget and doesn’t offer any financial surprise attacks.

Successful events don’t just happen. An event that is memorable and captivates attendees takes hours of planning, preparation and strategy. The grand opening of your new store is no different. On the surface it may seem like a simple marketing event with a few hundred customers, some food and a few prizes. Make a date, keep the doors open a little later and eat some good food…that’s about it, right? If that’s your perception, you are setting yourself up for failure. Read more