11 Additional Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Store’s Advertising 

Make sure that you and your marketing team are making wise choices about the words you use to define the voice of your brand

I recently wrote an article about some of the grammar lessons that Weird Al Yankovic included in his 2014 parody “Word Crimes.”   In general, I love how that video helped generate interest in (and debate about) the liberties that bloggers, advertisers and brands often take with the English language. Read more

Do You Have What It Takes to Own a New Store?

Find out what tough questions you need to ask yourself first and uncover the realities of new business start-up before you ever cash in your first sale.

Wanted: Hard working, dedicated employer who will take the blame for most everything, complete all tasks without assistance, juggle the finances to pay everyone but you, work odd hours, work many hours and doesn’t mind absence of a social life.

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Should You Offer Snacks at the Counter of Your New Store?

Could food and drinks at the counter of your retail store mean more return business?

Let’s say you’ve just opened a Kinko’s store.  Your customers will be coming to you for copying, printing, and graphics.  They also might be hungry or thirsty.   Wouldn’t it be another level of service to offer candy bars, gum and cold soft drinks in the bottle to these folks?  My answer is, “yes.”

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5 Tips to Help Your New Store Choose the Right Name

You may have a truly interesting and memorable name you are salivating to use, but will that name stand the test of time and be easily etched in the minds of your customers? Here’s what you need to consider before settling on a name.

When some folks with a knack for some tasty Latin American cooking decided to open their own Mexican restaurant more than thirty years ago, little did they know they would achieve huge success locally and gain nationwide notoriety for their uniquely catchy business name.

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How Your New Store Can Benefit from Community Service

These days, for a new store to be truly successful, it not only needs appealing product and in-store ambiance, but it also needs to be involved to some degree with its community.

Community involvement is essential for a new store to stay relevant and top of mind.  Sure, you can sponsor a marathon to support a worthy cause.  Or you can sponsor a concert series.  You can sponsor pretty much anything and everything the community does and get some sort of coverage/P.R. for your troubles.  However, since everybody is sponsoring something these days, sponsorship seems a little more self-serving than it used to – a little less noble.

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Why Research Should Drive Your New Store’s Media Strategy

The key to improving the ROI of your new store’s media campaign is finding the right media vehicles to reach your niche audience.

Your new store may have a broad appeal, but it is important to get beyond a generic target audience like “people who eat.”   Research can tell you if your core customers are moms or young men.  Although both targets can use your product or shop at your store, find the audience that is most likely to fit your customer profile. Read more

Weird Al Has 3 Grammar Lessons For Your New Store

The master parodist’s 2014 song has a lot to say about how we can unknowingly misuse the simplest words and phrases when we talk to our customers.

A friend recently professed his love and appreciation for the 2014 “grammar” video – Word Crimes from Weird Al Yankovic.  In his parody of Robin Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines,” Weird Al reminded the world that it’s still far too easy to butcher the English language.  Read more

What Your New Store Can Learn From Inline Skates

Finding your core customers in retail is everything… and you may need help.

A good advertising agency offers storeowners something more valuable than just creative messages superimposed over lively images.  An agency will help you discover who your core customer is – that’s the customer who’s going to be with you for the longhaul. Read more

3 Ways to Reach Generation Z with Your New Store Message

Generation Z currently represents the largest segment of the U.S. population with $44 billion dollars of disposable income, but they are very unique when it comes to reaching them.

Gen Z is the segment of the population born since 1995 and follows on the heels of Generation Y (Millennials).  But make no mistake; they are very different from Gen Y.  According to a study by Sparks & Honey, they are so different that you should forget everything you learned about Millennials when it comes to Gen Z.

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