Successful New Store Marketing this Holiday Season

Even if you’ve not yet braved a Black Friday crowd, or survived a Cyber Monday rush, you can still make a successful marketing plan for this year’s holiday season based on what worked and what didn’t according to retailers and etailers that survived last year’s shopping whirlwind.

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5 Ways Your New Store Can Take Advantage of Holidays

You already know your store can capitalize on “big-name” holidays, but what about the more obscure ones?

Is it just me, or does it seem like every day is some sort of holiday? I feel like every time I get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram someone is always paying homage to some kind of National _______ Day or honoring _______ Month. Read more

How to Set Up Ecommerce for Your New Store

You may think you can avoid the growing trend of online shoppers and woo them into your new store with a smile and an impressive discount.

Yet, new store owners are finding out how to successfully incorporate the benefits of ecommerce into their arsenal of marketing tools and capture an exploding niche market. Read more