4 Tips to Create a Successful Grand Opening TV Commercial

Guidelines to help you use television to its fullest potential and generate the awareness necessary for a great new store grand opening.

First, let’s talk about the nature of television.   It’s the only medium (if you don’t include digital video) that engages both the audio and visual aspects of your brain.  The combination of the two gives TV the greatest potential for memorability of all the mediums.  Which also makes it the most expensive. Read more

Why Research Should Drive Your New Store’s Media Strategy

The key to improving the ROI of your new store’s media campaign is finding the right media vehicles to reach your niche audience.

Your new store may have a broad appeal, but it is important to get beyond a generic target audience like “people who eat.”   Research can tell you if your core customers are moms or young men.  Although both targets can use your product or shop at your store, find the audience that is most likely to fit your customer profile. Read more

12-Point Checklist for Planning Your Grand Opening Campaign

Knowing the right questions to ask can help guide the development of truly effective marketing materials to support your new store.

One of the universal truths of store grand openings is that they don’t just happen.  They take planning — and lots of it.  I may sound like a broken record.  But, I am hopeful that reality comes through loud and clear in the articles that Dave and I share here.

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5 Ways a Director Will Help Improve Your New Store’s TV Spot

First impressions are lasting, so you need a grand opening television commercial to say good things about you, which will require a good director.

Your new store needs a brand so customers remember you.  And nothing brands like TV.  A television commercial is not something you should attempt on your own. Read more

What to Do After Your New Store’s Grand Opening

You may have heard it’s not over till the fat lady sings, well, since that’s not going to happen, here are some key steps your business needs to take to officially wrap up your new store’s grand opening and capitalize on every opportunity you have to grab new leads.

And that’s a wrap….Or is it? After the confetti has been swept up, the last crumbles of celebratory cake consumed and multitudes of customized keepsakes handed out, many business owners may release a collective sigh of relief that their new store’s grand opening has gone off without a hitch.

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Focus Your New Store Advertising on Your Product, Not Yourself

New store grand opening commercials are more successful when they feature the “What,” not the “Who.”

Many retailers make the mistake of thinking if they just get in front of the camera and talk about their new store, every one will see how sincere they are – and by association, how trustworthy – and will flock to their grand opening. Read more