5 Ways Your New Store Can Take Advantage of Holidays

You already know your store can capitalize on “big-name” holidays, but what about the more obscure ones?

Is it just me, or does it seem like every day is some sort of holiday? I feel like every time I get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram someone is always paying homage to some kind of National _______ Day or honoring _______ Month. Read more

5 Ideas for High-Impact, Low-Cost Grand Opening Prizes

A great contest needs to motivate your customers to participate, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

I’ve written a lot about ways of making the grand opening “experience” as exciting as it can be. And, admittedly, giving customers the chance to win something – especially if it’s significant enough to be included in your grand opening marketing communications – is one of the easiest ways to generate the kind of buzz and excitement we all want during a store opening. Read more

5 Ways Your New Store Can Enhance Customer Experience

Find out how your new store can stand out from your competitors and create solid brand loyalty.

You may have a massive customer email list or a killer grand opening strategy for your new store, but luring and keeping customers depends mainly on wowing them with an outstanding customer experience.

Read more

How to Ensure Your New Store Grand Opening Isn’t a Flop

Failure to make the “proper introduction” could lead your business straight into obscurity. Find out how to avoid this mishap for your new store.

It’s been said that your new store’s grand opening is like your welcome mat to the community in which you serve.  So, in order to properly introduce your business to the people that will hopefully frequent it, you better plan on a knockout first impression. Read more