4 Ways to Evaluate a Franchise Marketing Program for Your New Store

A franchise marketing program can help extend your new store’s budget, but make sure it satisfies the criteria necessary for success.

A centralized marketing program is one of the best reasons to buy into a franchise. The mandatory pooling of dollars from all stores in a chain gives you, collectively, much greater marketing power.

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5 Reasons New Store Marketing Should Be a Priority for Franchisors

Producing readily available marketing materials is a win-win opportunity for both new store franchisors and franchisees.

As you well know, today’s potential new store franchisees have thousands of choices when evaluating concepts to invest their money.  Obviously, many factors go into this choice, but presenting a solid plan of providing initial and ongoing marketing support may be that one aspect that pushes your franchise concept to the forefront.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Next New Store Opening

“Build it and they will come” is a great movie quote, but not a great marketing strategy for a successful store launch.

You’ve spent months planning every construction and operational detail for your new store.  Now, it’s time to open the doors.  Here are some tried and true methods for making sure there are people on the other side of those doors on your first day of business: Read more