Don’t Let Your New Store Become a Dinosaur

Top tips your new store can learn from old, stop-motion animation.

You’ve probably caught bits of these films on lazy Saturday afternoons in front of the TV: black and white movies from the mid 50’s through early 60s that featured dinosaurs and modern day man together – Valley of the Gwangi, Mysterious Island, The Lost World and The Beast From Twenty Thousand Fathoms are a few of their names. Read more

Knowing Your Personality Type Can Help You Manage Your New Store

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses with the Myers-Briggs personality test can help manage your new store and select the right support staff.

The Myers-Who?  Personality – what?

The Myers-Briggs personality type test is based on the research and theories of psychologist Carl Jung – friend and contemporary of Sigmund Freud. Read more

The Four F’s of Planning Your Store’s Next Grand Opening

Maximize the drawing power of your next new store opening by incorporating these key elements.

I’m a big fan of mnemonic devices.  When I was in college, I had friends in medical school who wouldn’t be doctors today if they hadn’t made good use of these recall techniques to remember parts of the human body, evolutionary behaviors and more.

Read more

How to Use Your New Store’s Website to Support Your Grand Opening

Your website has to have it right before you advertise your grand opening.

If your advertising and marketing efforts are working correctly, a customer’s first impression of your new store will probably be from your website. That’s why I advise you to get the messaging right on your website before you gear up for a grand opening. Read more