4 Ways to Incorporate Social Media Prompts in Traditional Media

How to increase your new store’s media campaign to create more brand ambassadors on social media and increase sales.

As we have mentioned, there are a several ways to convert your customers into social media fans once they are in your new store.   But, you also need to increase your social media following with potential consumers.

Consider these tips to include social media prompts in new store’s traditional creative without diluting your message. Read more

8 Reasons to Use Outdoor for Your New Store Grand Opening

As marketing budgets are reallocated to allow for greater spending on digital advertising, don’t underestimate the value that out-of-home can deliver.

I’ve written a lot about how a marketer’s toolbox has expanded in recent years.  But, with so much time and attention being given these days to understanding the new options in digital and social marketing, I see a lot less discussion about some of the “legacy” media.  But, despite what you may have read, not all traditional options are on the decline. Read more

8 Strategies for Winning Advertising Awards for Your New Store

How you can increase buzz around your new store with award winning creative.

Winning awards for your new store’s advertising is probably not at the top of your list of marketing priorities.  Nor am I suggesting that it should be.  But, if the purpose of all your marketing efforts is to get attention for your new store, then, why deny yourself the opportunity to do so via your local advertising awards show. Read more

How to Define the Target Audience For Your New Store’s Media Campaign

Determining your target audience is an important first step in developing a media campaign to launch your new store.

Defining your target audience allows you to segment the general population into the people you are interested in pursuing.  This is the foundation to creating an effective media campaign to promote your new store launch. Understanding your potential consumer can help you determine where to place your advertising message for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Read more

Top 5 Free Planning Resources For Your New Store’s Media Campaign

How to find the research and data needed to plan your new store’s media campaign, for free.

It is important to develop a clear understanding of the geography, demographics and media usage before finalizing your new store’s media campaign.  It may seem a bit overwhelming to find this information if you don’t have the budget for paid tools and resources. Read more