3 Ways to Tailor Your Local Media Plan to Speak to Millennials

Are Millennials really that different? Ways to gear your local media plan to reach the “connected” generation.

With “Millennials” or “Generation Y” representing 80 million potential consumers, marketers are scrambling for the latest research to help them understand this fickle, narcissistic and socially conscious group. But, are Millennials really all that different from generations born earlier? And, if so, how can marketers offer authentic value to this time-constrained, media-bred culture? Read more

4 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Local Media Campaign

Use your local media campaign to create more brand ambassadors on social media as well as increase sales.

As we discussed in a previous article, consumers respond to social media prompts included in traditional local media tactics.  There are ways to incorporate social media content and prompts in your local media strategy without diluting your message. Read more

3 Reasons to Incorporate a Charity in Your Local Media Campaign

Incorporating a charity into your local media plans is a great way to build a good image within your community and can also drive traffic to your store, while supporting a good cause.

It is best to choose a charity in which you have a connection. For example, if you’ve lost a loved one to cancer, then partner with the American Cancer Society. If you have a heart for orphans’ because you were adopted, then partner with a local orphanage. We can speak more passionately when partnering with an organization in which there is an affiliation.

Read more

Facebook Targeting Options to Include in Your Local Media Campaign

Consider your Facebook advertising strategy and targeting options before placing your next local media campaign, to maximize effectiveness and ROI.

Facebook continues to update their advertising platform to garner more advertising dollars.  According to eMarketer, Facebook will receive 30% of mobile advertising spending in 2013, which is second only to Google. Read more

How Consumer Multi-Tasking Behavior Affects Your Local Media Campaign

The best way to reach multi-tasking consumers is through a multi-layered local media approach.

Consumers no longer just sit and watch television or play video games. They are also multi-tasking simultaneously with laptops, mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles. They are looking for information, communicating with others and enjoying alternative entertainment all at the same time. Read more

Why You Should Include a Blog In Your Local Media Strategy

Companies that blog, receive 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads, than those who don’t.

When we talk to clients about a social local media strategy, they usually jump right to Facebook and Twitter.  Both outlets are important, but we usually take a step back and discuss whether or not a company blog is the appropriate first step. Read more

How to Use Google AdWords for Video in Your Local Media Campaign

How this local media tactic differs from an online video campaign and what you need to know to get started.

YouTube announced the launch of Google AdWords for video.

This program brings video to the popular AdWords search-marketing platform.  It utilizes the same bidding format and allows advertisers to set daily budgets and maximum rates.  TrueView mimics the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) structure, so advertisers are only charged for ads viewed, instead of impressions served. Read more

Integrating Social Media Icons Into A Traditional Local Media Campaign

Everyone needs to increase their social media communities and it’s important to use all of the resources available to you, including your traditional local media campaigns.

Many advertisers are wondering if they should include social media icons in their traditional advertising.  And if so, how?

If you are still on the fence, here are 3 things to keep in mind. Read more