6 New Store Lessons from The Hunger Games

Twenty-four “tributes” between ages 12 and 18 are chosen at random from the districts of Panem, a totalitarian state in post-apocalyptic North America, to compete in a barbaric fight for survival. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know the premises of The Hunger Games franchise, and there’s a lot about owning a new store that you can learn from The Girl on Fire.

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4 Tips to Create a Successful Grand Opening TV Commercial

Guidelines to help you use television to its fullest potential and generate the awareness necessary for a great new store grand opening.

First, let’s talk about the nature of television.   It’s the only medium (if you don’t include digital video) that engages both the audio and visual aspects of your brain.  The combination of the two gives TV the greatest potential for memorability of all the mediums.  Which also makes it the most expensive. Read more

2 Tactics for Reaching Multi-tasking Consumers for Your New Store

There is no question that consumers are using multiple devices simultaneously, but good news, there IS a way to use this behavior to your advantage.

It is not uncommon for young people to be multi-tasking across five screens; TV, phone, laptop, desktop and either a tablet or some handheld gaming device.  So with this type behavior becoming more and more common among all age groups, how do marketers grab the attention of these people as they are simultaneously moving from screen to screen? Read more