3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Local Media Added Value Schedules

While most local advertisers are aware that they should request “added value” from all their media partners, implementing this requirement effectively is often a rarity or afterthought.

Securing high-quality “extras” can be a challenge when your media partners see Added Value as penance.  But utilizing a few key guidelines will help you maximize added value offerings and truly put the “value” back in Added Value. Read more

5 Key Guidelines to Establish With Your Local Media Partners

The local media buying process will run smoother if you explain your guidelines and expectations up front.

Before your start on rate negotiations and finalizing your schedule, make sure to establish your expectations with your local media partners, especially if you are a new advertiser in the market.   As with most things in business, clear communication is critical in order to avoid any surprises or problems when your campaign goes live. Read more

4 Tips for Planning a Radio Remote for Your Local Media Campaign

To make your event a success, you need to ask the right questions and plan appropriately.

A radio remote is traditionally a 2 – 3 hour event with a station vehicle, radio personality and prizes.  It can help generate awareness and excitement for a special event, like a grand opening, charity fundraiser or limited time promotion. Read more