Use Your Email List to Promote Your New Store on Social Media

Leverage your email database to increase social media engagement with your new store.

One of the best ways to build your email database is to incorporate data collection into your grand opening celebration.  Give your new customers the chance receive a giveaway item or win a grand prize by providing their contact information, especially their email address.

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5 Insights to Improve Your New Store’s Email Marketing Strategy

If you’re using email to promote your next grand opening, make sure you’re doing all you can to stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

In an earlier post, I shared some general ideas generated by email powerhouse MailChimp for crafting a better email message.  But, I recently came across a new report that grabbed my attention because it answers many of the burning questions my clients are often asking me about email marketing. Read more

How to Create an Effective Email Invitation for Your New Store Opening

With the right execution, email can be the most cost effective way to draw customers to your new store opening.

Take a look at how you receive e-mail in your inbox.  The first thing you see is the name of the sender – if the name isn’t instantly recognizable, your eye goes to the subject line for more information.   At this point, based on what the subject line says, you decide to open, or punt.

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Why You Can’t Ignore Email Marketing for Your New Store

When it comes to digital marketing ROI, email can still generate the best return for your new store’s advertising budget.

Measured by sales per dollar spent, email outperforms social media advertising three to one, according to the Direct Marketing Association, an independent trade group founded to provide accurate marketing data. Read more

4 Email Marketing Tips For Your New Store

How to get your customers’ addresses, and use them appropriately to earn their favor.

Email Marketing. What better way is there for a fledgling new store to reach customers where they live, without spending a lot of money? Answer. There isn’t a better way. But, getting the e-mail addresses you want can be quite a challenge.  Folks don’t give their email addresses to just anyone, after all. Read more