3 Ways to Tailor Your New Store’s Advertising to Speak to Millennials

Are Millennials really that different? Ways to gear your new store’s advertising campaign to reach the “connected” generation.

With “Millennials” or “Generation Y” representing 80 million potential consumers, marketers are scrambling for the latest research to help them understand this fickle, narcissistic and socially conscious group. But, are Millennials really all that different from generations born earlier? And, if so, how can marketers offer authentic value to this time-constrained, media-bred culture? Read more

3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

Cinema advertising might by just the ticket to your reach younger Early Adopters with your local media mix.

In today’s technology-saturated culture of smartphones, DVRs, AmazonPrime and Hulu, the ability to selectively choose entertainment at your fingertips and on your schedule without the annoyance of advertising poses multiple problems for marketing directors. Read more

8 Insights to Help You Market Your New Store to Millennials

Take the time to understand the wants, needs and mindset of the next generation of savvy shoppers.

I hate to jump on the bandwagon of writing about the Millennial generation.  But, after seeing countless stories and essays in print, online and on television in recent weeks – I finally decided it was inevitable.  So, I thought I would pass along some of the facts as I know them, and share my thoughts about how understanding this extremely important demographic can and should start affecting your grand opening strategies. Read more