3 Ways to Choose a Broadcast Voice for Your New Store Opening

How to decide whether your new store should use an audio production house, radio station or online voice-over service for your grand opening message.

Maybe you’ve heard about the new trend in online voice-over services.  It’s a different way of creating audio for your new store’s broadcast commercials.  But is it the right way? Read more

4 Ways Your New Store Can Create the Best Customer Shopping Experience

The success of your new store could depend on your ability to create an in-store shopping experience that cannot be replicated by online retailers.

Recently, ran a promotion that made small business retailers across North America absolutely crazy. The online retailer provided consumers with up to $15 in credit if they competitively price-checked via its mobile app while in retail stores. Read more

How to Create Daily Specials to Drive Traffic to Your New Store

Using radio to promote your daily grand opening specials can help you save on production costs while generating the awareness necessary to drive traffic.

Product specials and promotions are an important part of any grand opening “celebration.”  You need to give the consumer a reason to stop by your new store and try to your products.  Discounts and giveaways are usually strong motivators. Read more

Ideas for a Halloween Grand Opening Event for Your New Store

Even if your new store isn’t related to the fall holiday, there are ways to use Halloween to drive traffic and turn your grand opening into an event.

Consider this: a soft opening for your new store a week before Halloween and a grand opening on Halloween.  Why?   Because of the nature of the holiday of Halloween … it’s non-denominational, so you won’t be excluding any groups.   It’s fun because people wear costumes. Halloween is the first holiday of the season, so you’ll have the majority of those shopping days still left ahead of you. Read more

5 Operational Mistakes to Avoid for Your New Store’s Grand Opening

The ability to anticipate potential operational problems and knowing how to side-step them is an important aspect of a successful new store grand opening.

A new store grand opening is overwhelming.  There are so many small aspects of preparation; it’s easy to overlook important factors that will contribute to a successful opening. Take a deep breath, step back and continue to focus on the big picture. Read more

How to Utilize the Chamber of Commerce For a New Store Opening

The local Chamber of Commerce can help make your grand opening grander.

If you’re planning to open a new store, make sure you call your local Chamber of Commerce and find out how they might be able to support your grand opening.

For example, a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the local Chamber can lend a much-needed “punch” and credibility to a new store grand opening. Read more