5 Ideas for High-Impact, Low-Cost Grand Opening Prizes

A great contest needs to motivate your customers to participate, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

I’ve written a lot about ways of making the grand opening “experience” as exciting as it can be. And, admittedly, giving customers the chance to win something – especially if it’s significant enough to be included in your grand opening marketing communications – is one of the easiest ways to generate the kind of buzz and excitement we all want during a store opening. Read more

5 Tips to Help Your New Store Choose the Right Name

You may have a truly interesting and memorable name you are salivating to use, but will that name stand the test of time and be easily etched in the minds of your customers? Here’s what you need to consider before settling on a name.

When some folks with a knack for some tasty Latin American cooking decided to open their own Mexican restaurant more than thirty years ago, little did they know they would achieve huge success locally and gain nationwide notoriety for their uniquely catchy business name.

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Start Your New Store Opening Budget With a Plan to Succeed

Find out how to host an event to launch your new store that stays within your budget and doesn’t offer any financial surprise attacks.

Successful events don’t just happen. An event that is memorable and captivates attendees takes hours of planning, preparation and strategy. The grand opening of your new store is no different. On the surface it may seem like a simple marketing event with a few hundred customers, some food and a few prizes. Make a date, keep the doors open a little later and eat some good food…that’s about it, right? If that’s your perception, you are setting yourself up for failure. Read more

How to Define the Target Audience For Your New Store’s Media Campaign

Determining your target audience is an important first step in developing a media campaign to launch your new store.

Defining your target audience allows you to segment the general population into the people you are interested in pursuing.  This is the foundation to creating an effective media campaign to promote your new store launch. Understanding your potential consumer can help you determine where to place your advertising message for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Read more

3 Benefits of Using Traffic Sponsorships to Drive Awareness of Your New Store

Sponsoring morning or afternoon traffic updates on local radio stations can be a great way to reinforce your grand opening message.

If you have ever listened to radio on your way to or from work, you’re already aware of the benefits of traffic updates.  In metro areas and even large towns, stations have added traffic to their morning and afternoon programming as a “public service” to their listeners.
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3 New Technologies That Can Give Your New Store a Competitive Edge

How new technology can make for a grander grand opening.

You’re getting ready to open your new store and you’re looking for any new idea that can get people talking and shopping. An investment in technology might do the trick. As more and more stores are discovering, interactive devices are a clever way to get customers’ attention. Read more

The Pros and Cons of Using Television to Advertise Your New Store

A guide to help you to evaluate whether TV is right for your grand opening.

How does a new store take advantage of the persuasive power of TV, or should it?

Even though the internet gets more press these days, television is still the media king. According to one recent study, the average American spends more than four and a half hours a day in front of the tube — and a whopping 99 percent of all U.S. households have at least one TV. That said, the question still remains – is TV right for your grand opening? Read more

Digital Advertising or Print Advertising – Which is Better for Your New Store?

What’s the better way to reach your specific target audience and drive them to your grand opening?

You’re a few months out from opening your new store. You know you need to advertise your grand opening, but you want to make sure you spend your dollars wisely. Putting aside the more expensive mediums of TV and radio for this discussion, should your new store make its first appearance online, in print or both? Read more