Is Internet Radio a Good Fit For Your New Store’s Media Campaign?

As the online music audience continues to grow, you may want to consider including the following tactic to market your new store’s grand opening.

According to a 2013 study by Arbitron and Edison Research, 45% of Americans or 120 million people listened to online radio in the last month.  This is up significantly from 15% in 2005. But, it is important to note that online radio, in most cases, is not taking the place of traditional radio listening.
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4 Challenges of Using Mobile Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

The challenges you should consider before placing your next local mobile campaign.

Usage of mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, continues to grow, and many advertisers are struggling to find a way to include the tactic in the mix.  Some try to re-purpose their online strategy, but mobile brings its own set of marketing challenges. Read more

2 Ways to Include Online Display in Your Local Media Campaign

When to purchase online inventory directly from a publisher and when to include an ad network.

Internet usage continues to grow and according to recent media usage reports, Internet is the second most used medium, behind Television for Persons 18+.  So, it comes as no surprise that online display advertising is an important part of the local media mix. Read more