Weird Al Has 3 Grammar Lessons For Your New Store

The master parodist’s 2014 song has a lot to say about how we can unknowingly misuse the simplest words and phrases when we talk to our customers.

A friend recently professed his love and appreciation for the 2014 “grammar” video – Word Crimes from Weird Al Yankovic.  In his parody of Robin Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines,” Weird Al reminded the world that it’s still far too easy to butcher the English language.  Read more

10 Reasons Your New Store Needs a Proofreader

Here’s further proof that bad things can happen to good brands if there aren’t processes in place to safeguard the accuracy of the finished product.

In a recent article, I argued that retailers desperately need to devote the time and resources necessary to ensure that all of their marketing communications are error-free.  No typos.  No misspellings.  No incorrect word usage.  And, no grammar abuses. Read more

Typos Can Help Say All the Wrong Things About Your New Store Opening

Taking the time to proofread all of the materials for your grand opening can help make sure your customers’ first impressions are positive ones.

It seems like only yesterday that I was proud of my almost religious devotion to good grammar and my ability to express myself through the written word.  Although I wasn’t as proficient as my wife (the English major), I could hold my own.  And, I could spot a typo a mile away – on store signage, in marketing materials and even in the newspaper. Read more

4 Tips to Make a Change in Location Work for Your New Store

Getting the word out before you change the location of your new store is the key to success.

So you’ve decided to move your store location.  First and foremost, don’t let the rumor mill get ahead of you. Your customer may think you are closing instead of moving locations, and they may start seeking out alternatives to replace you. Read more

How to Write a Headline for Your New Store’s Signage

Getting better at wordplay can help your new store’s signage get noticed and improve consumer recall.

If you have the smarts to open a new store, you can probably teach yourself to turn a phrase and make some of your own in-store POP materials. Sometimes all it takes to create clever signage is a simple rhyme. Read more