11 Additional Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Store’s Advertising 

Make sure that you and your marketing team are making wise choices about the words you use to define the voice of your brand

I recently wrote an article about some of the grammar lessons that Weird Al Yankovic included in his 2014 parody “Word Crimes.”   In general, I love how that video helped generate interest in (and debate about) the liberties that bloggers, advertisers and brands often take with the English language. Read more

5 Tips to Help Your New Store Choose the Right Name

You may have a truly interesting and memorable name you are salivating to use, but will that name stand the test of time and be easily etched in the minds of your customers? Here’s what you need to consider before settling on a name.

When some folks with a knack for some tasty Latin American cooking decided to open their own Mexican restaurant more than thirty years ago, little did they know they would achieve huge success locally and gain nationwide notoriety for their uniquely catchy business name.

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